Trails are a vital part of our Western Heritage.
They are like wildlife facing extinction:
Once they are lost, they are gone forever.

The Action Coalition for Equestrians (ACE) works to preserve and expand the availability of Northern California public trails for equestrian use.

ACE seeks to provide timely, appropriate action on behalf of its individual and organizational members, gaining leverage both from its larger support base and from its continuity of involvement with Trails Advocacy.

IMPORTANT !! January 2014: The proposed Auburn Bike Pump Track location crosses a State Park Hiking and Equestrian Trail!


What is a Bike Pump Track? View this Bike Pump Track Video.

Map of the Maidu Drive project area: Bike Pump Track map.


It's easy to make a difference and to help improve the safety of our trails: To voice your concerns, click to open our PUMP TRACK COMMENT FORM.

Results collected via the form will be used to help move the proposed location of the Auburn Bike Pump Track & Skills Course away from our trails to a more suitable project site.


  1. The proposed location straddles the historic Pioneer Express Trail, a CA State Parks hiking/equestrian-only trail that connects to the WST (Western States Trail.)
  2. There is another option for location the Bike Pump Track on a 24 acre site at Regional Park in north Auburn, one that will not directly impact the safety of our trails.
  3. ARD (Auburn Recreation District) voted to have the Bike Pump Track at the Maidu Rd location but they do not have the final say - their vote is only their preference.

For more information about the project, click to read our Auburn Bike Pump Track Research Paper.

ISSUES: If the facility is built at the Maidu Drive location there will be numerous problems...

  1. Danger to equestrians from speeding/airborne bicyclists adjacent to existing trails and from bicyclists crossing the trail;
  2. Loss of the beautiful, natural aesthetics of the area which currently has views of the beautiful American River Canyon;
  3. Serious problems created for nearby residents including noise, traffic conflicts, and loitering;
  4. A continual disturbance of soil that has been rated “most likely to contain NOA” (naturally occurring asbestos); and,
  5. Increased safety issues on WST and Pioneer Express Trail from additional illegal use by bicyclists.

ACE funds and supports This important new website gathers trail incident reports into a database for ACE to provide information to government entities and land managers for trail planning, grants and enforcement.

  • Have you lost a longstanding trail because of a new subdivision?
  • Is your county goverment failing to enforce trail protections?
  • Are changes in allowed use making your trails unsafe for horses?

Please use the Park Watch Incident Report Form to get the word to us quickly!

ACE actively seeks alliance with local hiking, biking, riding, and multi-use trail clubs. It relies on these groups to bring forward potential or unfolding issues and to offer the benefit of their experience to date in any given situation. If your club, organization or business would like to consider association with ACE, contact us for full information. We can meet with your Board and/or provide a speaker for your next membership meeting.

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